Deepen & Elevate Your Yoga Practice Workshop

With Jeff Phenix


Day & Date: Sunday, 4/8/2019
Time: 9.30am-11.30am
Location: Hot Yo Studio, Desa Sri Hartamas


Regular RM250
Early bird RM235 (offer ends 24th July 2019)

If you are a yoga student who is open to discovery and want to evolve your yoga practice, this could just well be the most enlightening yoga workshop you will have ever experience!

In this 2-hour workshop, Jeff will be focusing on standings, twists, forward and back bending and arm balances and inversions breaking them down in detail and exploring how to improve these poses in safe alignment with tips and tricks to get around common mistakes and misconceptions taught in regular yoga classes. This includes positioning and working on your foundation, how to work the legs, what happens with the hips, the spine, shoulders and neck etc.

Come and learn how to be more effortless, even in challenging postures like standing balances and inversions (options will be given so everyone can work at their own appropriate level). Often yoga students tend to hold themselves back and limit their yoga experience by trying too hard and/or over straining their bodies and breath.

Discover how to practise yoga more subtly by awakening the inner subtle ‘body of light’ - using gravity to help create lightness and space so that you become more graceful and at ease in your yoga and daily live.

About Jeff

Jeff was born in Malaysia but moved to the UK over 35 years ago. He is an experienced senior teacher at Triyoga, London’s leading yoga centre and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years, taught for over 15 and has trained yoga teachers for almost 10 years. He has studied with many of the leading teachers that have visited the UK and he has a seriously playful and mindful unique teaching style which is varied, creative and influenced by many different schools - including the emphasis on breath and movement of vinyasa flow, the precision of Iyengar, the heart orientated grace of Anusara and the spirituality and traditional philosophy of the Jivamukti and Satyananda schools. See

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