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Our small group trainings give each of our trainees the time and opportunity to discuss, debate and question as well as providing ample one-on-one time with your senior trainer, Laura.

Each student has the opportunity to practice teach,  on a daily basis and a practice sessions with children of local community. Your senior trainer, Laura, provides positive, constructive feedback - supporting and guiding you with your development as a children’s yoga teacher.

The Curriculum

Through interactive, experiential activities, group discussions, individual assignments and daily practice teaching time, we will explore:

  • Techniques and activities using breath-work that will support children's mental health and well-being during every day experiences such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, overwhelm and hyper-activity.
  • A range of age-appropriate yoga poses and sequences, and how to teach this to each age group in an interactive and engaging way
  • Creative meditations, including visualisations and moving meditations tailored towards their needs of children aged 3-18 years old
  • Partner and group yoga fun for all ages, including mixed age-groups and family yoga
  • Challenging poses for Teens & Tweens including arm balances, back bends and inversions (going upside down!)
  • Combining key Educational Philosophy and teaching methodology
  • Therapeutic and nurturing yoga techniques for children with Special Needs
  • Understanding Autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorders, communication difficulties and social-emotional difficulties and how to effectively use yoga for each of these groups
  • Introducing yoga philosophy and practices to children of all ages, including Hindu Mythology, the Chakra System (the energetic body), The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yama and Niyama
  • Mandala Art Meditations to support children to reflect and process difficult emotions and events in their lives
  • Creative Mindfulness activities to enhance children's self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Incorporating art, music, dance and nature into children’s yoga
  • Interactive story-telling and yoga journeys for all age groups
  • Yoga for children with English as an additional language
  • Behaviour management in the yoga class so that you can feel confident to manage a group of children, in a positive and playful manner that enhances their social and behaviour skills
  • Planning & sequencing based on children's learning styles and behaviour patterns


A. Non-MembersEARLY BIRD: MYR6,21 (before 1st September)REGULAR: MYR7,466
B. Hot Yo MembersMYR6,720 (10% discount)Hot Yo Members discount is applicable at any time AFTER the early bird period


About Laura

Laura started her yoga journey at the age of 15 years, with her first and most inspirational yoga teacher, her grandmother, who taught her to be humble and playful in her practice. Originally from the UK, Laura is a long-term traveller and true-adventurer, committed to life-long learning and to sharing her passion and knowledge with others.

Laura, has over 18 years experience of both yoga and education. Prior to teaching yoga, Laura was an international primary school teacher; with a BA Degree in Education and Special Needs and over 16 years experience of working with children in educational and therapeutic settings throughout Asia and the UK. Working with a range of educational curriculums and teaching philosophies  has enabled Laura to create a unique form of Children’s Yoga as she combines her knowledge of child development and teaching methodology with the teachings and practices of yoga and meditation.

In addition to being an experienced Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT 95-Hours) Laura is an E-RYT 500-Hour Teacher with over 1000-hours of training and 6-years of yoga teaching experience in both traditional and modern forms of yoga, including Yoga Therapeutics, Ayurveda, Vinyasa and Hatha.

This Course is for you if:

  • You LOVE to sing, dance, play, share, learn, reflect and connect
  • You LOVE to be part of a supportive, conscious community in which you can feel empowered and inspired as well as empowering and inspiring others with your stories, experiences and mindful actions and words
  • You LOVE shared learning environments
  • You LOVE to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries
  • You see and feel a need for change in your family, your community and the world as a whole and you want to step up and make that change through the healing affects of yoga and mindfulness
  • You have a deep connection to yoga or a real curiosity to delve deeper into yoga, meditation and mindfulness
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